Passionate about what we do, dedicated to those we do it for

The VOAZ team consists of visionary and enthusiastic individuals who enjoy their work and do it with a smile on their face.

Passionate about what we do, dedicated to those we do it for




Satisfied customers


Perfect environments


People living in harmony


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millions in works

We redefined people's relationship with environments

VOAZ’s modern architecture embraces the mission of creating pleasant and inviting spaces that stimulate productivity and interaction.

VOAZ professionals are visionaries who blend functionality with aesthetics, carefully selecting each detail, from furniture to colors and materials, to reflect the personality and culture of the space. Besides providing comfort, these environments aim to promote collaboration and idea exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and strengthening team spirit.

With contemporary solutions such as relaxation spaces and digital disconnection zones, architecture also values the balance between work and well-being, promoting mental and emotional health of occupants. By creating spaces that transcend functional purposes and evoke emotions, VOAZ architecture professionals shape a future where harmony between humans and the environment is the foundation for a more meaningful life and work.

Our mission

Our mission defines the core purpose and reason for VOAZ’s existence. Serving as the backbone of our corporate identity, it guides all our activities and decisions.

Our mission is to create innovative and functional spaces that connect people, inspire well-being, and drive progress, promoting integrated and technologically advanced solutions.

Our vision

Our vision provides a perspective of where VOAZ aims to be in the future and guides us in strategic planning and decisions to achieve that desired state.

We will be a reference in innovation and pioneering, recognized for creating spaces that surpass expectations, for intelligent and sustainable solutions that transform people's lives, inspiring functional, aesthetic, and technologically advanced spaces. We will lead the market with technical excellence, ethics, and social commitment, building a future where architecture, design, and technology harmoniously come together to promote the well-being, progress, and happiness of the communities we serve.

Our values

Our values are the fundamental principles that guide VOAZ’s behavior and culture. They direct how we conduct business, interact with clients, partners, and communities, and how VOAZ people interact with each other.

We act with honesty and transparency in all interactions.
We seek sustainable solutions that respect the environment and communities.
We strive to deliver high-quality solutions and outstanding results.
We prioritize safe practices and comply with norms and regulations.
We pursue new concepts to provide formidable and top designed solutions.
We respect the ideas, preferences, needs, and opinions of everyone.

Our people

Each person at VOAZ contributes exceptional value to drive the success of both our company and our clients. Meet the team ready to make a difference in every project.

Our journey

VOAZ’s journey is marked by the relentless pursuit of innovation, excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction. This inspiring journey is shaped by our core values and the dedication of our talented people.

Learn about our success story.


We started as a commercial representative of corporate furniture industries.

2010 - 2013

We implemented change management, rearrangement of various furniture and readjustment of offices. Subsequently, the management of complete works including demobilizations to return the property to the owner.


We structured and started the operation of VOAZ Maintenance for preventive maintenance of offices.


We delivered our first certified work and reached the maximum evaluation - Leed Platinum.
Lead Certificate

2020 - 2021

We started operations in the high-end residential segment. Later, we developed smart cabinets, the VOAZ Smart Locker.


We joined the digital transformation and are revitalizing and modernizing our systems, processes, communication, social media and website.

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